Monday, November 18, 2013

On top of the world!

Where: Sacré Cœur basilica , Montmartre, Paris
When: November 2013

My boyfriend Samuel and I were lucky to arrive for a short holiday in Paris on a gorgeous and crisp fall day. We considered ourselves especially lucky as that the forecast had called for the possibility of rain during our entire stay (as is often the forecast in Paris). So we were thrilled to see the blue sky and happy, non-threatening clouds and decided to take advantage and hike the spiraling and narrow 234 steps into the dome of Sacré Cœur's basilica. The view did not disappoint. We also toured the eerie crypts of the basilica, seen in photo four. We paid 8 euro each to tour the dome and crypt, we both agreed it was well worth the cost. A noteworthy point is that the admission fee goes toward the ongoing renovation of the basilica which was constructed between 1875 and 1912. You can discover more about Sacré Cœur basilica here.


Photos taken by and are the property of Rebecca Leese (Paris, France 2013)

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